We craft technology plans that will create a sustainable and comprehensive communications network infrastructure for your community or development.  Our services develop a long term vision and a documented plan for converged communications and ubiquitous connectivity.

We are committed to work closely with local government to bringing optical fiber, wireless and network engineering solutions. Our solutions make a difference for the communities we serve. We focus on enabling a community vision with communications technology integration.

Communications Planning

A fundamental part of any strategic communications plan is the integration of infrastructure technology with utility operations. Community based communications networks are designed, built, and operated just like any utility such as water, sewer, gas, or electricity. Our planning and business modeling services navigate the legal and regulatory issues involved with integrating your communications infrastructure into an existing or new utility.

Fiber-to-the-Home Networks

ISMS designs, builds, and operates FTTH Networks in partnership with municipalities and developers. Cities are looking to optical fiber infrastructure as an upgrade to their way of life and their ability to prosper long term. By building and owning an advanced communications infrastructure, communities can now take more control of their financial destiny through enhanced economic development and job creation, while gaining a marketing edge for recruitment of future business development. Undoubtedly, high-speed Internet, VoIP, telecommuting, telemedicine, and other advanced IP services are the business tools of today and tomorrow. ISMS is partnering with these cities to change the current business model and keep locally generated revenues in the local market to help build healthier local communities.