We craft technology plans that will create a sustainable and comprehensive communications network infrastructure for your community or development.  Our services develop a long term vision and a documented plan for converged communications and ubiquitous connectivity.

W. James Hettrick, MBA, Chairman & President
A global expert on community networks, develops strategic information systems management solutions for municipalities and the private sector. He founded ISMS, Inc. (Information Systems Management Solutions), after an extensive career in local government, and, is acclaimed for his work in rolling out FTTh broadband. James is an economist, author, technologist and evangelist for connected communities.

james.hettrick@is-ms.com or 909.838.8395

Sean Chen, J.D., P.E., Senior Vice President - Special Initiatives
An experienced  professional with 22 years of municipal operations expertise with the City of Inglewood, CA. He has over 15 years experience with fiber infrastructure and business development in both North America and Asia. 

sean.chen@is-ms.com or 626.715.8234

Dick Durant, MBA, Executive Vice President - Operations
Dick has demonstrated exceptional leadership for more than 20 years in organizational assessment, strategic planning, financial controls and reporting, marketing, human resources, leadership development, and fund raising.

dick.durant@is-ms.com or 951.203.6894